Saturday, April 24, 2010


If I save all the receipts for money I spend on Reds baseball, do you think I can send them to the Reds and get a refund?

Come on. I spent $10 for a decent enough internet connection to watch the game tonight (or today, in Cincinnati time.) I also drank a liter of beer during the game at a four star hotel price. The only reason I came to this bar was to watch the game in the only place in Hamra (the cool district in Beirut, the real cool one, not the faux cool one called Gemmeyzeh) that has a decent internet connection in the evening. I spent the same last week to watch that pathetic game against Pitifulsburgh where the Reds were swept. I'll probably do the same tomorrow because day games (which are night games for me) don't happen that often, and though I do watch many of the games the next day on archive, it isn't the same as being live.

And I can't help myself - it's like I HAVE to watch them when I can. I'm willing to bet that if I were to put myself through a series of medical tests, doctors would discover that my need to watch Reds baseball results from the same chemical imbalance that causes addictions. And though it is painful and seems to give me no pleasure, I still watch.

I mean, what even happened in this game? Nothing. There was nothing memorable. The offense stunk as usual. Cueto wasn't too bad but had a few lapses in concentration. But the game was just...BORING. At least Janish got to play, and man, can you tell a difference at shortstop. Too bad he didn't get like eight hits in four at bats to make Crusty Baker notice him.

I posted it the other day, but I did want to reemphasize that there IS something good coming out of Cincinnati these days - my favorite non-U2 band, The National, has their new album streaming on the New York Times website. They just keep getting better and better. This album is incredible. Buy it May 11.

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