Monday, April 19, 2010

Off with his...oh, what's the point?

I no longer have the energy to call for the beheading of yet another incompetent Reds manager, so you won't be seeing any Fire Dusty campaign signs. It's only two weeks into the season but it already feels like any July in the last decade.

In a few weeks the Reds will turn it around and we'll forget all about how it feels like the season is over right now. But a decade is a long time for the same old mistakes and the same old losing and we've been told to be patient for too long now. There's just no patience left. The Reds have no offense partly due to piss poor lineup construction and partly due to piss poor coaching and partly due to piss poor personnel. Look, you don't have to be a stathead to appreciate that people with low on base percentages at the top of your order don't get on base for your strong hitters to hit them in. You don't have to be a genius to see Brandon Phillips does not belong in the clean up spot. He's a good hitter but better suited for the lower part of the order.

Same old, same old.

Well, here's something new and good coming out of Cincinnati.

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