Sunday, December 12, 2010

Al 'Ada min Al-Qahera

The return of Cairo. Whoopdeedo. Do we have a shortstop yet? Do we have a leftfielder yet? Big Donkey went to the White Sox, so that's out. The Reds never do anything at the winter meetings. Why do they even bother sending people? Save the money on the plane tickets and the hotels and all and use it towards buying Votto forever. (Yeah, I suppose that would take a billion winters to save up for. Joey might not be the same player in a billion years.) Someone actually used the word "splash" in a title for the article about them resigning Cairo.

Nice they "locked up Bruce for the long haul." Wrong player, though. Anyone else sense that Votto doesn't want to play for the Reds for the "long haul?"

My internet connection is slower than dial up. This post might not even post. Lebanon.

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