Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly update

In a way, life without a good internet connection is better. You find yourself going out more, living socially instead of behind a computer screen. But it is really impeding work, blogs, etc. And the fact that I am limited to merely 24 MB of Blackberry use a week, I find myself disconnected from the world. I managed to see the Reds signed Jay Bruce to a six year deal, which is great, but I saw nothing from Redsfest and still haven't heard of their signing Joey Votto to a ten year deal.

Wait, that didn't happen yet?

Get it done, Walt.

Anyway, things are good here in the land of the cedars. Beirut has put up some Christmas decorations that I think were manufactured before the war in the seventies. But the weather is such that it doesn't feel like Christmas time at all. That's this week, isn't it? By the time I update again, Christmas will have come and gone, right? So weird...

All I want for Christmas is world peace.


Warren said...
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Warren said...

All I want for Christmas is for the Angels to make the playoffs. :)