Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Red Dragon

It seems like so long ago when a young rightfielder and his leftfield buddy were roaming around in green baseball uniforms and giving fans of their future big league team hope that the club could once again return to baseball glory.

We watched them grow, watched them rise through the minors until that proud moment when they both stood on a Major League field in their shiny new red uniforms.

That hope never matured into a realization of the dream, and the duo is a duo no more. We are constantly reminded of it when the gaping hole in our offense cries out for the rightfielder's bat. He was lost in a fit of stupidity, of blind desperation, of shame, and he roams the outfield of another team who has given him a brand new three year contract.

I like that team, but the uniform just doesn't look right on him.


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