Friday, April 25, 2008

Backwards year

Ok, so I slept on it, and I'm not so ranting and raving this morning. But I do maintain that people need to start thinking positive. There is so much good about the team, so much to look forward to, but a booing stadium in April is not going to make the team start winning.

I call this backwards year. For the past several years, the Reds have had good Aprils and ended poorly. They've also had bad pitching, especially the bullpen. Now, those things are reversed.

The offense is also reversed right now, but that is going to change, starting tonight in a Bondsless San Francisco, where Barry Zito has been stinking it up. Take three from San Fran and go into the Deadbirds series with momentum. Take two of three there, and this very bad April will be behind us.

I'm going to see Homer pitch for the Bats tonight in Indy. I'll be back Sunday. In the meantime, stay positive!

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