Thursday, June 05, 2008

Out, damn'd spot! Out I say!

I mowed the yard after the Reds' defeat today, having fun when I mowed "Reds" in cursive script. I had even more fun running over it and making it disappear. I am officially not a Reds fan.

Until 6:30pm tomorrow when I turn on Reds Live. And for the few moments today I check E$PN 2 to see who the Reds picked for their second choice of the day and beyond.

Ken Griffey Sr. was asked what it's like to watch your son hit 600 home runs. Answer? Old. Ha ha.

I say the anti-Reds stuff with tongue in cheek, of course. I bleed red. I really do. No seriously, my blood is red. It's not like those people who say they bleed Dodger blue. They're lying.

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