Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dragons pics

For lack of anything worthwhile to post given the Reds STINK, here are a few Dragons pics from a few weeks ago, not the infamous brawl.

I hope Mesoraco can learn to hit professional pitching, because it sure would be nice to develop a catcher of our own. Last time we did that, we gave the guy away before he ever had a chance to show he belonged in a Major League uniform. He then proceeded to have an excellent Major League career with Seattle. Does the name Dan Wilson ring a bell? Number one draft pick by the Reds in - what was it? - 1990?

I think he's pretty weird looking. Different, not weird. Gives him character, and if he can hit, he'll stand out in the big leagues. There's something about him I like. Maybe it's his position. I adore catchers.

Once upon a time I played that position. I vaguely recall it, but my knees tell me it really happened. Especially when it's about to rain. I hear the surgeon calling...

I was pleased to see Neftali Soto in a Dragons uniform. They hadn't even the time to sew his name on his uniform. Dude can hit. Can't wait to see him rise through the ranks of the farm system.

On a related note - GET RID OF GRIFFEY NOW. What a baby. He's a terrible influence on the young guys and he needs to go. Frankly, if I had to pick one reason above all others why the Reds stink this year, I would say three words: Ken. Griffey. Junior. What a freaking whiner.

A few more photos:

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