Friday, July 25, 2008

The Face of a New Generation

The wonders of Technology. Yes, I feel that Technology deserves a capital letter, as it has taken a persona of its own. It seems to rule us, control us, dictate our every move, and man, is it a fascinating thing.

Take Facebook, for example. I had been under the impression that Facebook was a toy for teens, a place to exhibit mindless dronery while talking in a language no grown up person understands. OMG! WTF? IDK. BBF. BRB.

Well, last autumn when I was in Bulgaria, I set up a page during a spot of bad weather. I spent about two days straight moving through the cyberjungle of Facebook, hunting for an answer as to why Facebook? Then, I became a promiscuous Facebook application junkie.

But I left my Facebook page alone when the torrent of Bulgarian rains cleared and I wasn't stuck inside anymore. I visited once or twice in 2008, but it wasn't until two days ago when I began to understand the value of such a technological development.

I've talked to people who had disappeared from existence in the past couple of days. Really amazing stuff. Used to be people stayed wherever they were born, so you never really lost touch with people. Then came transportation developments and industrialization, and people began moving around. You started to lose touch with people and then they were gone from your life forever. Well, technology has compensated for it.

Today, I found Total Baseball Manager 2008. I think it's like fantasy baseball, which I have never played. I wouldn't be good at it, because I'd pick mostly Reds. See my Total Baseball Manager 2008 team - Ross, Votto, Phillips, Keppinger, Encarnacion, Dunn, Bruce, Griffey, Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Bailey, Valentin, Gonzalez, Hopper, Burton, Affeldt, Cordero.

It's a little outdated. Scott Hatteberg is still on the Reds, for example. First thing I did was replace Corey Patterson with Jay Bruce. Boy, did I take delight in that.

It wouldn't let me put Jerry Hairston Jr. on the bench (or Griffey on the bench in favor of Hairston.) Only his brother Scott was listed in the program. It wouldn't let me put Andy Phillips on the bench, so I picked Barry Bonds. Only crazy, moral relativist fools would not want Bonds on their team. Seems to me America is a nation of them, seeing as how Bonds still hasn't been picked up. And he'd play for the league minimum at this point - though I suppose the Player's Union would never go for that.

My lineup:

Bonds (they make you have a DH)

OMG! THREE LEFTIES IN A ROW! See, it's like having two top of the lineups.

Then, that's that. You press Play Ball!, you choose a team to play, and it gives you three box scores for the series. That's it. You can make trades and such, but you don't really do anything after you pick your team. I have no idea what the results are based on, and I grew bored with it. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

Another thing I added was the Stadium Tour where you mark all of the stadiums you've been to. It's for all sports, and they only go to AAA in the Minor Leagues, so you can't add, say Dayton. But, you know, it's kind of fun if you're looking for a diversion.

Happy Weekend!

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