Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Road trip - Sunday's game

Sunday was Slider's birthday at The Jake. They gave away Slider hats to kids 14 and under. I tried to get the guy at the gate to give me one, but he just laughed. Everyone was really nice. The guys at the merchandise stand where I went to buy an interleague ball (I collect balls from various stadium and events I attend) remembered me on Sunday when I couldn't resist buying a pack of 2008 Topps cards. Even though I no longer collect baseball cards like I once did, I still pick up a pack every now and then. As I stood at the cash register, I remembered why I stopped buying them. For ten cards, I had to pay $4. No wonder kids don't collect baseball cards anymore. I got Alex Rodriguez and Andruw Jones and Tony LaMafia and Jermaine Dye, Jason Isringhausen, some dumb league leaders card, some dumb this guy did something on this date card, and I can't remember the other three. They never put any Reds into the packs do they? Last year I bought a pack and got Jerry Narron. I thought about sticking voodoo pins in it, or at least taping a picture of a brain onto it. But we got Pete Mackanin and all was pretty good for awhile. Those pics of him sitting watching the Reds as a scout last week sent a little flutter through my heart. I couldn't help thinking what if he were the manager this year?

Sunday's game was pretty fun, though the weather was weird. At one point the rain came down and drenched everything in site for about a minute and that was it. There wasn't really any time to think about putting the tarp on the field. We were lucky because we were sitting under the restaurant and didn't have to move, but the scene of everyone rushing to leave was pretty funny, especially since by the time they got to shelter, they were soaked and the rain had stopped.

Bronson still didn't have his best stuff but the Indians were missing everything so it was A-OK. I really hope the Reds don't trade him. He'll be a great number five pitcher when Thompson and Cueto get their youthful jitters out and Harang rights the ship. He has personality, you know? He gives a face to the team. It's dangerous when you become attached to individual players in this day and age, because you'll just have your heart broken when they leave, but I can't help it.

I love Edwin Encarnacion, too. I was pumped to see him hit one out.

I just loved the photo of the kids in the hats, and I love that a kid is wearing a Dunn jersey in it. Smart kid. Sign Dunn to a longterm contract!

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