Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Nationals 14 wins is a reflection of the poor management above

What an outrage, and now I have a sore throat, hurting ears, and a dwindled bank account because of it.

Last night I went to Nationals Park in the hopes of seeing Randy Johnson get his 300th win. When will I have another opportunity like that in my lifetime, right? Well, the day was sticky humid, the kind of humidity that makes your lungs feel like swimming pools, and it wasn't until 6:30pm that the sky decided to deliver us from that evil.

Everyone knew it was going to storm, and boy did it. The Nationals put on the scoreboard "we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated." But they never updated us. So we were forced to use our cellular technology to find out what was going on, and everyone said the same thing. It's going to storm all night. It stopped raining at one point, but we knew that more storms were heading our way. Everyone said this game would not be played. Everyone but the Nationals.

No! They would not call it! It was a big crowd, a real baseball-sized crowd, and there was money to be made! We may not play the game, but by god, we're going to make money off the concessions!

For three an a half hours we sat eating, drinking, and knowing the game would not be played, but us true baseball fans waited it out, just to be sure.


What team makes their fans sit for three and a half hours before making a decision to postpone when everyone in the world knows a game cannot be played?

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