Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wherefore art thou, Paul Janish?

Poor guy. Dusty always has to have one guy to not like for no reason, and I guess this year is Janish's turn.

Rosales is now batting .239/.327/.348 with 10 BB in 109 PAs.

Janish is batting .300/.378/.375 with 3 walks in 46 PAs.

Granted, he has far fewer PAs than Rosales, but Janish looked good at the plate back in the days when he got to play. And even if he was playing over his head, the fact that Janish's glove is FAR superior to that of Rosales means even if Janish hits like Rosales, he's still the better choice until Edwin returns to the hot corner.

This is no contest. Dusty's just afraid to put Janish's name on a lineup card because he can't remember how to spell it. Maybe Laynce Nix can lend Paul a Y.

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