Monday, June 08, 2009

Reds in DC this week - calling all Reds fans in DC!

Game times this week Reds at Nationals Park - Tuesday and Wednesday @ 7pm, Thursday @ 4:30. Let's all sit together and form a massive red block.

I don't have tix yet but will be going to all three games (I'm waiting to hear about some good seats but at this point I neither know if I can get them nor what day it will be.) I'd like to get everyone together for at least one of the games, maybe get a group discount (come on, Reds fans, I know there are enough of you in DC to form a group.) If not, I have half off coupons that are good for the series, because, you know, the Reds aren't considered a "premium" series.

The weather forecast looks like crap for all three days (thank you, global warming, for turning DC into Seattle.) Right now the Weather Channel says highs of 83, 79, and 81 for each day with a 40% chance of rain (which usually means it will rain), scattered thunderstorms on Tuesday and Thursday and showers on Wednesday. So at least it won't be cold when we get soaked. But there are plenty of seats undercover and also bars and such if you melt when you get wet, so rain is no excuse not to come to the ballpark!

Wear RED shirts! We're rooting for the REDS!

I'm contacting the team to try to get Jim Day to come over and talk to us on camera.

I've already let work know that I'll be leaving early all three days (might not go in at all on Tues), so I may be more free than others, but here are the pre and post game beer plans for the week:

Tuesday - I plan on getting to the park when the gates open to watch batting practice and all that stuff. First 10,000 fans get a draft day t-shirt that says "I was there," with the W being the Nationals curly W. How cute. But if anyone is up for meeting for pre-game beers when BP is over, I'm up for it.

Wednesday - let's all get together for pre-game beers at The Bullpen, the beer garden area outside the centerfield gate at Nationals Park, say 6pm? I'm one of those who refuses to miss the first pitch, so I'll go into the park before the game starts but plan on sticking around until about ten or five til seven. I'm up for arriving earlier, too, if anyone is up for it.

Thursday - It's military appreciation day, so if you're in the service, bring your ID. I don't know if you get anything for it other than a God Bless America in the seventh inning, but maybe there's a discount? I'm hoping to have everyone gather together for post game beers since the bizarre 4:35 start time will allow plenty of time for such a thing. I was thinking some place around Eastern Market, but if anyone has any other suggestions, let me know.

That's it for now. Email me paddyglover at gmail dot com if you're going to be at the game and if you want to get tix together. Look for my update here later this evening. I'll be spreading this around the Reds interwebs, too, so we can pull all the Reds fans together.

Let's pull a Chub$ game on the Nationals (minus the obnoxiousness and stupidity) and make Nationals Park a home game for the Redlegs!

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