Wednesday, June 03, 2009

This is too cool

You might know that The National are my favorite non-U2 band. You might remember that I was ecstatic when they played a free concert on Fountain Square last October in support of Obama. And now, they combine another love of mine - the Cincinnati Reds.
Aaron and Bryce Dessner, the guitarist twins from the National, are not content to rest easy after jointly producing the twin triumphs of the Dark Was the Night album and concert. Come October, they'll present a brand-new multimedia piece called The Long Count at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The piece, done in collaboration with visual artist Matthew Ritchie, will include guest vocals from the Breeders' Kim and Kelley Deal (also twins!), My Brightest Diamond's Shara Worden, and the National's own Matt Berninger. The Dessners will perform it with a 12-piece chamber orchestra.
The best part?

"Jointly conceived by the collaborators as a one-hour immersive multimedia experience exploring ideas of symmetry and creation, The Long Count weaves together disparate themes ranging from the hero twins of the Popul Vuh (a Mayan creation myth) to the epic 1976 World Series victory of the Cincinnati Reds over the New York Yankees (which occurred in the year of the Cincinnati-born Dessners' birth).
From Pitchfork

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sister Daedalus -
FYI, Kim and Kelley graduated from Dayton Wayne in 1979 (incidentally, my graduating class).
-Gary M.