Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crawling to the gate

Temperatures are expected to plummet over the weekend (figures that it would be incredibly nice during the week when we are incarcerated in offices but gets all wintry nasty on us during the weekend!) I hope the weatherheads are wrong, but they're usually only wrong when they say something good is going to happen!

So yeah, it's Paddy's Day on Saturday. It's usually one of my favorite days of the year, but it's on a Saturday this year, so a bunch of drunken amateurs will be packing the pubs more than usual. Last year was fun, because several coworkers and I would go out for a pint, come back and work for an hour, then go back out for another pint. We got three in before the end of the work day, then we hit a rather lame pub that didn't even play Irish music save for a single U2 song! But we all went over to someone's house afterwards - rather early given the flow of Guinness throughout the day - and stayed there, having breakfast together in the morning. It was great fun.

There isn't much to write about baseball right now. I'm just not feeling it in this eternity of waiting for the season to begin. The Reds are doing so well this spring that I'm more anxious than usual - I'd like some of this winning to fall into April, like last year. I guess I have a bit o'writer's block (and speaking of that, I'm listening to Writer's Block by Peter Bjorn And John - I highly recommend it.)

Happy Paddy's Day Eve Eve.

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