Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ride pine, Nats front office!

Will I get to go to the first game in my season ticket package? I'm not so certain I will have the tickets in time.

See, I received the package for my birthday in January. However, since my sister ordered the tickets, they must first be sent to her and she must send them to me. But she's down frolicking in Florida, watching the Reds beat the Red Sox and sunning on the beach. When does she get back? On our Holy Day. As I see it, several things could happen.

1. She gets back, her neighbor has signed for the package, she overnights the tickets to me, and I go to the day game on April 4.
2. She gets back, her neighbor has signed for the package, she overnights the tickets to me but UPS' "overnight" service turns out to be two days - or they lose the package.
3. She gets back, her neighbor hasn't signed for the package, it is returned to the Nationals because they are unable to deliver it, I have no season tickets.
4. She gets back and discovers that the tickets still have not arrived.
5. She decides she never wants to leave Florida.

I always thought that getting owners would make the Nationals a real baseball team. I thought "Well, we have owners, there won't be any more problems with issuing season tickets." I also thought the owners would not be content to lose 100 games. As far as owners go, I have the best and worst of them to root for/against. Bob Castellini, the Reds principal owner, has demonstrated that he wants to win. The Lerners need to lern how to manage a baseball club.

Rest assured, I am going to that game April 4 even if I have to buy tickets. But I will make damned sure that I get compensated for the tickets. I don't want money, though. I want a Ryan Zimmerman autographed baseball, with ink sitting sublimely on the sweet spot, the centerpiece of my baseball collection (although my Larkin ball back in Ohio will never be replaced as my favorite!)

On a somewhat related note, I can't wait to go to the exhibition game on Saturday. Real Major League Baseball - such music for the soul!

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