Friday, March 23, 2007

Going to Cincy

Mom just got some Reds tickets for us, so I'll be going to Cincy to see three games in four days!

Sat., June 30th vs. Deadbirds, sec 107,
Sun. July 1 vs. Deadbirds, sec 108, and
Tues, July 3rd vs. Giants, sec 140, MoonDeck.

Looks like mostly bleacher seats left for the Deadbirds series. That's awesome news! Hopefully Eric Milton hasn't put the Reds out of contention so those games against the Deadbirds are important. Or perhaps Braden Looper will have put the Deadbirds out of contention?

Ahh, it brings me back to just last year, the back to back sweep of the Deadbirds and the Asstros, the rage of excitement flowing through our veins as we realized our team was in first place in June, those hyperexciting dollar hotdog nights against the Deadbirds later in the year before that fateful plunge into the Pacific Ocean all but drowned our dreams. We surfaced one last time thanks to the floundering Deadbirds...It was a great season, even if it was a losing one. This one will be even better!

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