Thursday, March 22, 2007


There are hundreds of baseball blogs out there. It always amazes me to see new ones start up and repeat the same thing you can find on other, more established blogs. I try to avoid that. I try to provide something different, something lighter, more spiritual, something that makes people remember how great this game is. Blogging is a strange trend. It's a confessional, really. This is a place I can talk about my feelings for a game that is like a crutch when injured in the harsh realities of life. It is a place I can relate childhood memories, innocent times when summers meant total freedom, except from perhaps the bedtime. I just want to provide something that makes people laugh or recall a good baseball memory every now and then.

I haven't felt inspired recently. Even my excitement for the game has waned a bit. I contemplated quitting this blog but have since realized that I shouldn't, for this is my outlet from the prison-like existence of office life I have come to despise. It isn't for me. Some people may be content to waste their lives away slaving behind a desk. I can't do anything but dwell on it. It was bearable today when I watched the Reds game, because it was something I truly love and it could take the monotony away for three hours. I should have been an architect or an engineer or something where I could use my creativity, but I'm pretty much stuck in the only city my $50,000 piece of paper is useful in.

I'm writing this from my front porch while listening to the Nats beat up on the Asstros (11-0 in 5th). It's still 70 degrees at nearly 9pm, and while it is not the first warm day of the year, it certainly is one of a handful. I already have a nice tan going on thanks to spending lunch outside a couple of days last week and skipping work on Tuesday on account of illness (yes, I really was/am sick, but I couldn't stay inside on such a beautiful day.) Opening Day is a mere ten days away, yet the barren trees, lack of flowers, and that winter storm over the weekend makes it not feel like spring. It's depressing.

D'angelo Jimenez just dropped a routing popup and the Asstros scored 2.

My moodiness will probably be reflected in my sporadic posting over the next couple of days or weeks. It should have been evident in the past few weeks, too. I would say I'm taking a break from blogging except I could post ten things tomorrow, who knows?

I look forward to using my camera this year and Photoshopping my own photos. I'm looking forward to consistent warmth, flowers, and spending all weekend out in the sunshine. Oh, and to hitting the old ballpark!

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