Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some perspective for non-believers

A few Reds team stats (through Monday's games, stats are rankings in MLB)

2nd in runs with 80 (ATL has 82)
1st in doubles with 35
2nd in HRs with 26 (DET has 28)
3rd in RBI with 76 (ATL has 80, NYY has 78)
2nd in total bases with 235 (DET has 247)
1st in walks with 61 (tied with BOS)
4th in stolen bases with 10, thank you, Ryan Freel
5th in on base percentage at .363
1st in slugging percentage at .537 (tied with DET)
10th in batting average at .274 >:( (We need to work on that a bit.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the Reds were the best offensive team in baseball last year. What place did they finish?

We need decent pitching to go along with the awesome offense. So far, the Reds have been getting by...

Cathie said...

Yeah, I know, but the starting pitcher is so improved that my hopes have been irrationally elevated. And hey, baseball is a sensual game, and emotions count. Hope springs eternal, at least until July!