Friday, June 30, 2006

Did that really happen?

High, higher than the sun
You shoot me from a gun
I need you to elevate me here,
At the corner of your lips
As the orbit of your hips
Eclipse, you elevate my soul
I've lost all self-control
Been living like a mole
Now going down, excavation
I and I in the sky
You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation.

~ Baseball, as quoted as it sailed into the night, over the fence, off Adam Dunn's bat, two outs, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by three...

An hour later, I still feel elation. It's running through my veins, I can't explain, it's just something after seeing the improbable. Maybe one of Marty's best home run calls ever. You could feel it, you know? The energy - you could see it in the stadium, in the fans. You felt it, but still, you couldn’t believe it, and even as he swung the bat, and you knew it was gone, you couldn’t believe it.

I think this is the turning point. I think this is where the Reds start playing like they want to make the playoffs. I mean, look at the standings - they're now in FIRST PLACE! Woohoo!

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