Saturday, June 03, 2006

Picture this

You take your family to lunch. Your two-year old son is wearing a cute little Cincinnati Reds or Washington Nationals jersey, his favorite shirt. You are thinking that a nice club sandwich sounds good, and your spouse wants to order a grilled chicken sandwich. You think some chicken fingers may be good for Junior. Suddenly, the manager comes over and asks you to take your kid's jersey off, as it might start a riot.

Bizarre? Maybe in America, but in the UK? It happens.
A TWO-YEAR-OLD boy was ordered to remove his England football shirt in a pub because the manager feared it could spark trouble.

Charlie Elliott was settling down to lunch with his mother and father in his favourite shirt when a bar manager told the family that football strips were banned. The toddler’s football-mad parents Elaine and Anthony, from Enderby, Leicester, were told to take off his shirt, or leave the pub. When they argued, staff said Charlie could stay - if he turned the shirt
inside out.

Mrs Elliott, 34, a primary school teacher, today branded the ban at the
Wetherspoons-owned Lloyds No.1, in Market Place, Leicester, “ridiculous“.

A Wetherspoons spokesman said the ban on football shirts had been in place for several years and prevents trouble.

“Our policy is that we don’t allow any kind of football colours,” he said.


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