Wednesday, June 07, 2006


To the nasty, vile Deadbird moran* without a love of the game or a sense of humor, I say SWEEP!

I know baseball is a moody sport, but you don't need to go around calling people names just because your team is losing and you've come to realize that your team is nothing without some guy named Albert Pujols.

It's amazing how cocky people can be after having ooh, a whole four out of five years of a good team? Yeah, that's a Braves or Yankees-like team, isn't it?

Funny, but talking smack with fans of other teams usually is good natured fun. This is the first time I've experienced such flagrancy.

A thing of beauty:

Cincinnati 35 24 .593 -
St. Louis 35 24 .593 -
Houston 29 31 .483 6.5
Milwaukee 28 32 .467 7.5
Chi Cubs 23 35 .397 11.5
Pittsburgh 22 38 .367 13.5

*Yeah, I spelled moran incorrectly on purpose, Deadbirds fans who don't understand. You are, after all, the ones who spelled it that way in the infamous photo.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, get a grip. Your voodoo Albert looks like blackface. You call the Cardinals "Deadbirds." I'm sorry that bringing your previous inattention to how you're presenting yourself annoys you. As a person coming across your site for the first time, it's disappointing to see a supposedly knowledgeable fan resorting to such tactics in an attempt to be funny.

And really, you're very, very, very late to the "Get a brain, morans" party. Like years late. Everyone knows the "moran" thing.

Daedalus said...

I get enough people to this blog who like it. You want sabermetrics? Go somewhere else. You can get it anywhere. To each his own. So you don't like it? Don't visit. Others will and do. I'm not going to write what everyone else writes. That is pointless. There are many themes on this blog, like a book. The blog voice is a character, more or less.

Apparently you aren't in on the moran cliche, either. Try and get with the "in" crowd if you don't understand. Moran is a reoccuring character throughout the blogosphere.

your "black face" is ridiculous. voodoo dolls are often black. voodoo practicioners are often black, too. it says nothing. get a clue.

I'm not sure what your issue is that you would even continue to comment. you don't like the blog? go somewhere else.