Thursday, June 08, 2006

It wasn't a dream

When I finally got into my office this morning and went to (yes, it is the first site after email I go to in the mornings), who was the lead story? The Reds, led by Richie's 4-5, 3 run homer night. Sweet.

The morning didn't start off so well. At 6:30am, a neighbor decided his weeds needed whipped, the second time this week I've had such a rude awakening. What ever happened to common courtesy? It's jerks like this that make laws against such things, unnecessary laws otherwise. Anyway, I turned my fan up to drown out the noise and drifted into a semi-slumber for another hour. And a half. The time I was supposed to leave for work. Oops. So then I get ready and go stand at the bus stop, and what happens? The bus doesn't stop at the bus stop. The driver honks at me as he's going by. I swear he waved. I wait another ten minutes for the next one. (There is supposed to be one every three minutes, but they never come fewer than ten minutes apart. Good old DC efficiency.)

Lucky for me, I have a brand spanking new office in a corner away from everyone else, including my boss. I go in through the kitchen, and no one can see that I'm a half hour late for work. Again. Or that I'm reading all of the articles on, blogs, newspapers, and other baseball sites. I snicker when I see that yet another former Red has been hired by the Nats, Davey Johnson, sighing when I think of how good those '94 and '95 teams were. Then I quickly remember the Reds are tied for first right now, much to the chagrin of nasty Deadbirds fans. Federal Baseball has the history of Johnson's tenure with the Cincinnati Schotts. Oh yes, good old Marge, not a baseball in her head...

Today's questions are: will our savior go deep against Rusch for the third time this season? Can the Reds make it eight games in a row? It certainly feels good to have Bronson on the mound for a continuation of this streak. Undefeated in June. Go Reds!

Pray the winning goes on. After all, as we learned from the Colorado Rockies, God makes you win baseball games.


Anonymous said...

Go Reds! tap, tap, step, step, butt shake, shake. That's my Reds dance! Nothing better than seeing CINCINNATI on top!

I worry about this weekend though. It seems Cincy can do well against the top teams but seems to struggle sometimes with those bottom feeders. A 4 game series with the Cubbies could be challenging. I hope to not put too much pressure on Arroyo but GO BRONSON!!

I'll be finding a nice bar to watch the game with an unlimited flow of beer here in Indy just wishing my POS car could make the drive to the game. Wonder how long it would take me by bicycle?

Tap, Tap, Step, Step, Butt shake, shake!!

Daedalus said...

The Cubs have been doing better, so maybe that's better for the Reds.