Friday, May 04, 2007

Down in the baseball dumps

I'm watching the Nats game versus the Chub$ in my office but not with the same enthusiasm I would normally watch a game. It's the first time since April 21 that I've watched a Nationals game (KEARNS GOES DEEP AGAINST CRAZY DUDE! NATS UP 4-0) because the games are blacked out on MLB.TV this year and I can't watch both the Reds and the Nats at the same time like I used to. I was supposed to go to the game the 28th but gave my tix to a friend (in exchange for a future game) to go see the Reds in Pittsburgh. So I really have no idea what's going on with the Nats aside from the won-loss record.

Anyway, the lack of enthusiasm stems not only from the bad baseball the Nats are playing and the fact that Leatherpants thinks he is the center of the universe, but also from the suckitude of the Reds bullpen, which has zapped some of the excitement from the game itself. So I'll watch this game and say "yay" to myself when something good happens, but I'm more into the Arcade Fire show I'm seeing tonight. Their opening act? The National, a band whose members grew up in Cincinnati and who sounds like The Divine Comedy. (See post below for coincidence.)

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