Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MLB.TV sux

Thanks to working late and the crazy crackheads on the bus home (one threw a fit because he couldn't exit the back door and said he wished he had his gun as he stood at the front door refusing to exit and screaming MF this, MF that), I got home right at 8pm just in time for the Reds game. I logged in expecting to see the game when I get the "We're Sorry" screen saying they can't charge my credit card, which is ridiculous because i have a whole freaking paycheck in my account. I tried to reregister thinking maybe there was a glitch in the system and it said I already purchased it. They charged me twice last month and I still haven't gotten a refund for it and then today May 1 comes along and suddenly I can't watch baseball? I go on hold with the customer "service" until my phone minutes run out and don't get to talk to anyone, but by some miracle after missing two innings, it lets me login, and it's only my incessant try trying again that had me notice it was working. I swear, these people can't get their shit together. They've shown games online for at least five years now and this crap still happens all the time.

I'm going to demand a refund for those two innings I missed just to prove a point. Of course, when they don't refund you for charging you twice in one month, don't expect a response.

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