Thursday, July 13, 2006

Food for thought

As I sit here eating a gyro from Ollie's Trolley (not the one in Cincy, this DC one has Lebanese owners, hence the Mediterranean food. Pray for Lebanon.), I am reading the latest baseball news (while pretending the real news isn't happening right now), and I've come across this article in the Chicago Sun-Times.
U.S. Cellular Field is more than just home to the World Series champion White Sox.

The South Side stadium also is one of the top 10 vegetarian-friendly ballparks in the nation, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

"The Cell" came in ninth on PETA's annual rankings for offerings such as veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers, fruit cups and "corn-off-the-cob," said Dan Shannon, the group's manager of youth campaigns.
This, in the tube meat capital of the world.

The top "ten" (actually eleven):

10. Busch
10. Miller
9. The Cell
8. Arizona
7. Philly
6. Coors
5. Safeco
4. Oakland
3. Petco
2. Tropicana
1. San Fran

Great American does not make the list but is mentioned at the end of PETA's official list as having "solid vegetarian options," those being veggie dogs, smoothies, and vegetarian hoagies. RFK is also mentioned as having "veggie dogs." Do they use stems and roots instead of beaks and hooves?

Give me a four dollar hot dog over vegetarian hoagies any day. That's what baseball is about. And it's about beer, too, given that three stadiums are named after it.

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