Thursday, July 06, 2006

I should work in baseball

It's all I do at work, anyway. I'm watching the Nats right now in my corner office where people don't bother me. This morning, in between a free breakfast, a meeting, and a free lunch conference, I read everything on the internets about baseball. Very happy about the acquisition of Everyday Eddie and thinking he can only be an improvement over what we have now. (Who's spot on the roster will he take?) Very happy Q-Crapp McSucken was DFA'd. Very angry about Brian "Love" Shackleford's arrest for forcing his "love" on some woman. Hoping he didn't do it. Glad he was optioned to Louisville. Wonder if perhaps the problem with the bullpen are the characters who make it up. Crossing my fingers that Gosling will do well. Trying to keep up with all the roster moves today. Very happy there were so many roster moves. Wishing David Stormy Weathers would be DFA'd. Hoping JD has a very merry birthday. Sticking another pin in Voodoo Albert. Pretending our prezident isn't about to nuke Iran or Korean psycho isn't about to nuke the US. (Oh, wait, that's not baseball.)

Imagine getting paid to watch baseball, to write about baseball, to live and breathe baseball. When the Nats came to town, I seriously thought about applying for a job with the team, but then I thought I might never be able to actually watch a game, that I'd have to sit in an office while the fans roared outside and the smell of hotdogs infiltrated my senses, the glorious sensations of that beautiful game we call baseball. I wonder if the Nats are hiring now...

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