Wednesday, March 28, 2007

17-9 in Grapefruit League play

Last year, the Reds finished Spring Training with a 21-11 record. They went on to be in contention until game 161, thanks to a torrid April in which they won a franchise record 17 games. With 4 games to go (split squad on Saturday), the Reds are approaching that same spring record.

Granted, we've played the Pirates 6 times, going 5-1 - the loss was a split squad game with few of our starters. But we've also played the hated Yankees' A lineup 3 times without losing and have beat Boston in both games. We're 2-1 against the Twins, whom we play tomorrow. These are top tier teams!

Yeah, spring doesn't count - but it can be an indication of how things can be. It certainly was last year. Here's to taking this spring momentum and charging out of the gate! If we could only play well in September...

It's getting so close...can you feel it?

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