Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beisbol 101

In the spirit of the Caribbean Series, I thought I'd take a moment to throw out some Spanish beisbol terms.

# Lanzador (Pitcher)
# Receptor (Catcher)
# Primera base (First base)
# Segunda base (Second base)
# Tercera base (Third base)
# Parador en corto (Shortstop)
# Jardinero derecho o exterior derecho (Right field)
# Jardinero central o exterior central (Center field)
# Jardinero izquierdo o exterior izquierdo (Left field)
# Bateador designado

What I find funny is how "baseball" is translated as "beisbol," yet the positions use the word "base."

Dominicana just hit dos cuadrangularos and are up 4-0 against Mexico.

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