Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Keep Hamilton on the roster

The human being in me is rooting for Josh Hamilton to make the team and have an amazing year. Life is all about redemption, even if people don't realize that we all make mistakes - some of us are just luckier/more fortunate/more blessed than others. (Hello - have you ever read the Bible?) Plus he just has a sweeeeet swing that you can't pass up! (Photo is of him and his daughter.)

I think bringing 11 pitchers and only 2 catchers North is totally worth the price of keeping Hamilton on the roster. Cincinnati would be good for him, and I am rooting for him in life and not just in baseball. I'm glad the media has made his story out to be a good one rather than demonizing him.

I mean, why is Bonds the Devil while Josh is rooted for? Who's to say Bonds has fewer demons than Josh? You know, he had to live up to his father's name - the pressure of that had to be incredible. Why is Hamilton being given a free pass while Bonds is the bane of Major League Baseball? (Not that Hamilton shouldn't be given the chance - that's the whole point of the post!)

I'm going to write a ton about Bonds this year - just a warning. I'm going to as many Giants games as possible. (If you don't know, I lived out in California for a couple of years and saw season 73 and even went to a World Series game out there - most amazing baseball game of my life!)

But this post is about Josh. Good luck, man! You have a whole country rooting for you!

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