Monday, February 05, 2007

Jugadores del Caribe

I was looking forward to the big game yesterday. No, not that big game (football is over - yay!) The Puerto Rico vs Dominicana game, the two undefeated teams who were supposed to duke it out in the finals of the Caribbean Series. After getting four runs in the first inning, though, the Dominicans threw down and the Puerto Ricans ran away from them en route to a stinging 12-0 defeat. It was such a dull game that I actually watched the fourth quarter of the Superbowl.

The only Red in the game, Javy Valentin, got two hits for Puerto Rico, one of the few offensive bright spots for the team.

In other Caribbean Series news, Columbia and Nicaragua want the series to expand to include them. According to, there is some speculation that the name of the tournament might have to be changed since "not all the countries in the Series are actually in the Caribbean." Two of the four that are already in it aren't in the Caribbean. All six of the teams touch the sea, however, so why is this even an issue?

A complete recap of the game can be found here. Here are some phrases to assist you.

Alex Cora out en primera sin asistencia. [Alex Cora out at first unassisted? I assume this means a ground out to first.]
Juan Gonzalez ponche. [Juan Gone strikes out. And he wants to play MLB?]
Hiram Bocachica elevado al derecho. [Hiram Girlsmouth flies to right.]
Anderson Hernández hit. [Duh.]
Luis Polonia sencillo al izquierdo. [Luis Polonia does something to left. Singles?]
Miguel Tejada bases por bolas. [Miguel Tejada walks.]
Tony Batista out en el cuadro anotando Hernández. [Something to do with scoring a run.]
Nelson Cruz out de siore a primera anotando Polonia. [Something to do with scoring a run.]
José Fernández triple impulsando a Tejada. [Jose Fernandez triples in Tejada.]
Alex Fernández hit al izquierdo impulsando a José Fernández. [Alex Fernandez hits to left scoring Jose Fernandez.]
Alberto Castillo doble poniéndo out en el plato a Alex Fernández. [Alberto Castillo doubles something and Alex Fernandez is out at the plate - this was a great play.]

See how easy this is?

Dominicana up 4-1 against Venezuela in the 7th

I feel like the Dominicans are the Yankees of the Caribbean. I'm rooting for Puerto Rico in this series because of Javy Valentin and because they are the anti-Dominicans. (I'm watching at work. Shh...)

UPDATE: Dominicans killed Venezuela 7-1.

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