Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Boom, boom, clap!

Ok, here's what we have to do - we have to channel all of our positive energy into getting the Reds to win the rest of their games. Forget about expending any hope on the Cardinals losing - they seem to be highly capable of doing that themselves - we need all of the energy to go to the Reds. Also, we need to polish the karma a bit, get it looking shiny. So, nobody do anything bad, mean, immoral, unethical for the next week, ok? Don't think bad thoughts, don't lie (not even white ones), don't get into any arguments with anyone. Say hello to frowning people on the sidewalk. Pick up a piece of litter off the ground. Save the whales. We need good karma!

2.5 games out with five games to play. Go Reds!

UPDATE: Just so I don't pick one diety over another, I am offering a prayer to some others:

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