Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Put me on the DL

I'm having sympathy pains.

The Reds collapse brought about my own collapse this morning. I'm sure all of the losing and the subsequent depression is a contributing factor to my inability to sleep recently. Oh yes, I try to sleep. As soon as we finished making llama meat out of Michael's* latest anti-Dunn tirade at Red Reporter last night, I went to bed. But I couldn't sleep.

This morning I got out of bed without waking up. I don't even remember getting dressed, but that could be a result of what followed shortly after. See, I walked out the door, late to work as usual, and my legs weren't quite awake. I'm not a clutz, honestly. I just have a really difficult time waking up in the mornings, especially when I'm not sleeping at night. I was trying to button my sleeves while walking when my legs just gave way, and I fell down three concrete stairs onto the rigid sidewalk below. Oh, it hurt. It hurt in ways I can't even describe, for I can't figure out how I managed to land on my left knee and wrist, twist my back, scrape up my right shin and left hip, and hit my head.

I laid on the sidewalk for a bit, flat on my back, with the woman who had just passed my house turning to look and continuing to walk without helping or even bothering to ask if I was ok, and I could have used some help getting up. When I finally got up and limped to the dreadful bus stop, everything started to go black for about 30 seconds. Concussion? I still feel really strange, and I just can't think of anything to write. Although with the recent outcomes that have transpired, one doesn't have to suffer a head injury to not have anything to say.

At least the wiki is fun.

*Is Michael really Marty Brennamen having some fun?

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