Friday, September 22, 2006

I come from a baseball family

My mother and sister are going to the fan appreciation game on Sunday. Here's what Mom has to say about it:

The excitement about sitting 6 rows behind the Reds dugout is gone. The only person we will know is Jerry Morron because the REAL Reds are gone.

The bullpen will be little league players from down in Kentucky, and the outfield will be a bunch of guys they picked off 5th and Vine St.

Probably one 1 or 2 concessions will be open and the leftover hotdogs from Saturday will be reheated for Sunday's game.

Ken Griffey Jr. shirts with #30 on them will be half price along with Casey shirts, Lopez shirts, Kearns shirts, and all of the other pitchers who came and went this season!

Our fan appreciation gifts will probably be a piece of fruit from Castillini's market, or the old used bullpen scorecards with scribbles on them.

I'm seriously not looking forward to going, for the first time in my life, just because of all the disappoint that the team has given me in the past two months. It was such a fun ride in the beginning of the summer, but when it counted the most, they let us down!

I've watched them in LA, San Diego, DC, NY, Detroit, and as often as I can on FoxSports. No matter what, I still love my REDS but my heart is broken.

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