Friday, September 01, 2006

Go Reds, Beat the Fathers!

It's time for some paternicide!

Shoot, things ain't over yet, folks! Maybe the Reds were just using up the rest of their losses for the season. Regardless, I hope someone has given them a kick in the pants. We've never needed a broom so badly.

I saw my first Reds game in San Diego. It was 1978; I was one year old. I do have a ticket stub from that game, just like I have every ticket stub from nearly every game I've ever attended. Can't say I remember anything about it, though. I did revisit Jack Murphy Stadium a few years ago, but it was called Qualcomm. Whatever. I liked the palm trees behind the outfield fence.

Now, the new stadium is named after dog food. More or less, anyway. Perhaps the offense will show up tonight, use some of that spacious green that Dog Food Stadium is known for.

Since Ernesto is pelting us with wind and rain, I'll be staying in to watch. (I probably would even if it weren't gross outside.)

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