Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Game recap in haiku

Oh look! A good win
Against the hated Asstros
The juice box has leaked.

But so! It's too late
So many losses this month
Out of contention.

A miracle is
Winning the rest of the games
Angels heard on high.

The bats did come out
More hits than a few this time
I miss the offense.

Denorfia hit
A Crawford Boxes home run
Reds led after that.

BP used his face
Instead of his glove to stop
A ball that stopped him.

The pen was the suck
As usual we had to
Stop breathing a bit.

ARRRRRRRR! said the whole team
`Tis Talk like a Pirate Day
Silly pirate jokes.

Today's game in sun
Texass 2pm start time
I will watch at work.

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