Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Try to beat, my despondent heart

That's it, none of you can drive anymore! The whole world between SW Ohio and Washington, DC needs their drivers' licences revoked. Except that one woman who let me over, of course. Ha!

I'm too old or something for driving nine hours in a row. I could barely stand the boredom of trees and idiots in metal speeding contraptions coexisting in my personal space. The drear and the gray didn't help either, me driving through the clouds over what they call the Appalachian Mountains and all, which are just a bunch of really tall hills except in wintertime and spring and fall and sometimes summer when the weather is treacherous. They seem more like mountains then, and in the white blindness of the Appalachian fog you can hear "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." At least on the trip back today I got 700 WLW right up to where I parked my car across the street from where I live, right when they were about ready to start the star of the game. Masterpiece, dear savior, masterpiece. Could you kick the other guys in the butts now so they can get it into gear, too? Especially this Sun Please Win character Trader Wayne dug out of the compost heap? Guess you can't say he's any worse than Chris MicSucklik (it's not pronounced how it sounds.)

Before the game started today, the trip was RED RUM boring, cabin fever in the cabin of a speeding silver car with two duct taped windows because we care more about giving speeding tickets than stopping thieves from breaking into cars. For the record, I'm against speed limits as much as I am against thieves breaking the windows of my car, but unfortunately, I don't have a choice in either, so my trip is louder and longer than what is comfortable.

I have never been so disappointed after a baseball game before, but Monday's game was downright depressing. Makes sense, I guess, since I haven't been that excited to see a game in quite awhile, it being two years at least since I've seen the Reds at home. (Don't get me wrong, though. It was my 7th Reds game this year. It was just the first at home.) Reds, I travelled all the way from our nation's capital to see you play. Why didn't you win for me?

I'll write more about it tomorrow. I thought perhaps I had enough energy to write it tonight, but no. I'm dead to the world for the evening, and besides, I need something to do at work tomorrow!

Devil take the Padres. And the Phillies. And the Marlins. And the Giants. And the Asstros. And the Deadbirds. And the Yankees. And the Dodgers. And the Braves.

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