Monday, March 13, 2006


That is the Nats' record in Grapefruit League play. That's right, one win. Yes, it is Spring Training. Yes, some of their players are participating in the WBC. Yes, some players are injured. But - we are halfway through the spring and not getting any better. It's a bit worrisome.

Schneider, who has been catching Peavy in the Classic, is hitless. He nearly threw a guy out at second last night, but the Japenese run like Olympic sprinters. If you haven't had the chance to see them play, I'd recommend turning on ESPN 2 tomorrow to see. They have stellar defense, especially their shortstop, and Ichiro is always fun to watch. The US squeaked out a victory yesterday thanks to a bad call by usually good umpire Bob Davidson, who incorrectly ruled a Japanese player left third base too early on a sac fly. But, the US succeeded in loading the bases in the bottom of the ninth (no thanks to Griffey, who K'd,) scoring on A-Rod's hit to take the victory, and who knows what would have happened if the right call had been made? Bad calls are a part of baseball.

Our big, overpriced benchwarmer, Soriwhino, is hitless as well for the Dominicans.

Dominican and Cuba are playing right now. Unfortunately, the commercials are playing, so I don't get to hear the nonsense that goes on in the booth between innings today.

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MissChatter said...

Actually, they've won two - one against the Orioles and one against the Dodgers (2-1) on Saturday :-) But yes, still sucky. And I am appalled at Soriano's performance to date in the WBC!