Wednesday, March 29, 2006


No, my intention here is not to report on the news that Church was sent to the Minors today, since others can do it better. Nor am I going to comment about Watson starting center field, since that, too, is covered well. However, I am going to say something about how players like Church who are lazy in a slump in Spring Training and come in with the attitude that they belong on a Major League roster even if they haven't really proven themselves (and one year isn't proving yourself) shouldn't be surprised when they are sent down.

Something similar happened to Austin Kearns in the middle of the season last year for the Reds. Austin was playing like he'd never hit a baseball before, so after three seasons of playing with the big league club, he was optioned to Louisville. Bottom line is he stunk. He still doesn't believe the move was justified, but everyone else seems to. He dropped 20 pounds and has had a good spring, so we're hoping for a breakout year for him.

From what everyone is saying, Church acted like a professional in the demotion. True, Church kind of got screwed last year, but there has to be some other reason for his plight. Don't get me wrong, I like Church, and I think the move is bad. I just don't think we know the whole story. Maybe the baseball gods just don't like him. They don't seem to like the Nationals too well, at any rate. Hopefully Ryan will get his head on straight down in New Orleans and rejoin the team in May.

Of course, this is all Bowden's fault, with Soriwhino and all.

Stupid Bowden.


Anonymous said...

Isn't there something to be said about having a little consistency in the Nationals roster? I go to more than my fair share of Nat's games and Ryan Church is one of my favorite players! I was waiting to cheer for him this year but can already see that the Nats head office can't see that they need to build a fan base before getting all tricky with moving people around. Ughh...and no more games won or lost by 1 run. I can only handle so much drama.

Daedalus said...

Like I said, I like him and don't think it was a good move, but at the same time I'm hoping the demotion will get his head back into the game. He won't be down there long.

Did you see the article the other day about the fallout from the Abramoff scandal affecting local sports teams? Lobbyists may not be able to give Congressmen tickets to sporting events, and already some people have not renewed their season tickets because of it. So you would think that management would do something to win more fans, right?

Stupid Bowden.