Saturday, April 22, 2006



We're getting drenched here in DC - it hasn't stopped raining since last night, and I'm starting to wonder if they should have finished Noah's Ark they were rebuilding along I-68 somewhere between Natsland and Redsland. The Nats' game was washed out before people even thought of playing baseball at RFK. Apparently, Ramon "I haven't had a decent outing yet" Ortiz is upset because Frank is skipping his turn in the rotation because of it. I say, "Hallelujah, team ERA is saved!"

As the Nats aren't playing and the Reds sort of stood on a baseball field this afternoon, I am able to watch the Giants playing the Rockies with my full attention. It appears that Barry is coming out of his slump, not only knocking out number 709, but stinging another ball that unfortunately found outfield leather. He also reached on an error - it really is painful to see him run, and in watching him it's hard to believe that he was once a 40-40 man. I make no secret that I am a Bonds-lover and nothing will change that. (For reasons, see here and here.) I'll be the dork with the pro-Barry sign when the Giants come to town in July.

The Giants certainly don't look like a first place team right now, but what can you expect in a division whose 2005 winner was two games over .500? Noah Lowry seems to be progressing in coming back from an injury, and Jason Schmidt is not going to continue to pitch as poorly as he has, even with his loss of velocity, so things should pick up as far as pitching goes. The Rockies have been a surprise this April, especially since you haven't heard of half their roster, but I doubt they can keep up with San Fran.

Lastly but most importantly, Todd Helton has been placed on the 15 day DL after being hospitalized yesterday for a stomach issue. He will not be released until all tests are complete. Whatever it is, it must be somewhat serious, for they're already anticipating him missing two weeks. It should be noted that Helton has only been on the DL once in his nine year career. I'd like to ask all of this church's parishioners to say a prayer for him.


Chad said...

I'm a Bonds fan, too, and nothing is going to change that.

You must be a saint, being forced to watch these two teams every day. As if the Reds weren't enough to give you nightmares, you have to watch Ramon Ortiz again this year.

Daedalus said...

It would be nice for once to have rational hope, rather than the irrational version I have for the Reds right now. Maybe I should move to Boston where every year there is hope!

When Ortiz left the Reds, I knew exactly where he would end up. It's Bowden's way. If you have "Reds" on your resume, he'll sign you like that.