Friday, April 28, 2006

First place (for now)

King Phillips was the man again! Small ball rules!

16 wins ties the Reds' team record for most wins in April. Man, this is fun. Yes, the record is for ALL teams in Reds history, even those.

This win won't be enough for the naysayers, but it was big if wins in April can be big. Every win is one win closer to Krivsky getting us a bullpen. It was another scary night from the pen, with David "As predictable as the" Weathers giving up a two run bomb in the ninth to bring the Asstros to within one. Do the Royals or the Pirates have any good relievers? Maybe we can make a deal now!

Brandon "Two headed" Claussen did not pitch well enough to convince me he is a reliable starter. Sure he only gave up two runs, but he only pitched 5.1 innings, had FIVE walks, and had runners on in every inning. He really doesn't inspire confidence.

The Reds hung a big "L" on Roy O, his first of the season and his first to the Reds of his career. The Reds have not had much luck against the Asstros in the past few seasons, so here's to changing that! Next up is Andy Petttttitttttte verses Aaron "Totally underrated" Harang. Pettttittttttte has given up six homers in five games so far. I want some Reds longballs!

The Nationals helped out the Reds today by defeating the Deadbirds 8-3, giving the Reds sole possession of first place in an NL Central where every team but the Pirates is over .500. It has the Hardball Times asking What's up with the NL Central?

Cincinnati 16 7 .696 -
Houston 15 7 .682 0.5
St. Louis 15 8 .652 1.0
Chi Cubs 13 8 .619 2.0
Milwaukee 12 11 .522 4.0
Pittsburgh 6 18 .250 10.5


Ashlee said...

Is Brandon Phillips rounding the bases in Hell in that photo? ;)

Daedalus said...

LOL! I should have used clouds, eh? But it just doesn't go with the "Phillips is on fire" metaphor... ;)