Friday, April 14, 2006

Winning feels so good!

Especially when you win like this.

Reds were up 1-0 against the Cards in the bottom of the eighth in a brilliantly pitched game by both Aaron "I'm a good pitcher, too!" Harang and Chris "Nah, nah, nah, I won a Cy Young" Carpenter. It looked bad when Reds Manager Jerry "Have to use the bullpen" Narron took Harang out and put the bullpen in. *rolls eyes* Kent "I'm funny, but I make people nervous" Mercker proceeded to walk David "HOLD STILL!" Eckstein after getting an out. However, Todd "Someday soon I'll be a closer" Coffey struck out Juan "Mediocre" Encarnacion and Jim "Vacuum" Edmonds to keep the game scoreless, with a groundball basehit by Albert "Zeus of Baseball" Pujols to load the bases, a hit that scored no Cardinal thanks to a webgem play by Tony "Still don't like him" Womack that saved the game. It was a heartpounding, breath holding inning that felt more like October than the tenth game of the season.

This game may be the one that opens the eyes of the naysayers about the Reds. I can still feel the energy a half hour after the game ending double play. Who needs drugs when you have baseball?

Other NL Central Games today:

Cubs vs Pirates - The Cubs defeat the Bucs 11-6
  • Casey left the game in the third inning after an elbow to the ribs.
  • Greg Maddux turns 40 today. (Are you feeling old yet?)
Brewers vs Mets - The Metropolitans defeat the Brew Crew 4-3
  • Could the Mets be the team to beat in the NL East? From what I saw on Tuesday and Wednesday with my own eyes, I had that impression.
  • Is Wagner the key to their season?
Asstros vs D'Backs The Snakes take out the Asstros 5-1
  • Yes, I know it says Asstros.
  • Andy Petttttitttttte was pitching.
  • The D'backs had the worst batting average in the Majors until tonight.

So, we have a pretty little picture going on here:

Cincinnati 7 3 .700 -
Chi Cubs 6 3 .667 0.5
Houston 6 4 .600 1.0
St. Louis 5 5 .500 2.0
Milwaukee 5 5 .500
Pittsburgh 3 9 .250 5.0


O'Neill said...

You should have been a sportscaster or newspaper editor because I love to read your articles after the games better than my own daily news!!!

"HOLD STILL" Eckstein is right! He is soooooooo annoying!

Keep up the great work! I'll look forward to your "article" after the Nats reel in the FISH tonight!

Daedalus said...

It is more fun to write when their winning!