Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Nederlands wins! One of the best baseball games I have ever seen - and favorite WBC winner is eliminated!

God, I love this game.


Deaner said...

What a great game! I know were're talking about a relatively short tournament and not a 162-game season but it really gives you hope for young / "inexperienced" teams. If they just learn how to work together and play the game unselfishly, they can go a long way. I'm defintely rooting for the Netherlands and glad that Cueto and Volquez are coming back to Reds camp.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Reds can steal that catcher from the Dodgers. Good gawd, what an arm, not to mention his handling of the pitching staff that held the Dominican Republic to 3 runs over 20 innings.

Nothing less than ... WOW!!

-Gary Maloy