Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty awesome

The Reds Hall of Fame will debut two new exhibits this spring and is looking for your help in making these exhibits unforgettable experiences for all Hall visitors.

For "Crosley Field Remembered," the Hall is actively seeking items associated with the ballpark to include in the exhibit. Crosley-era programs, ticket stubs, snapshots from photo days, souvenirs, advertising materials, concession items - all are of great interest.

The Hall of Fame is also looking to supplement the displays for 2009's second major exhibit, "The Negro Leagues and Cincinnati." If you have any items connected to the Cincinnati Tigers, Clowns, Buckeyes, Browns, Cubans Stars or Crescents or any advertising items, programs or scorecards related to Negro League games played in Cincinnati or Negro League players from the area, please contact us.

If you are interested in loaning or donating an item for either or both of the Hall of Fame's new exhibits or if you have questions about making a loan or donation, please contact Reds Hall of Fame Chief Curator Chris Eckes at or by phone at (513) 765-7930.
I don't have any memorabilia old enough to contribute, but if you do, do it!
"The Negro Leagues and Cincinnati"

Cincinnati's role in the Negro League story will be examined through images, period artifacts and rare film footage. The Hall of Fame's exhibit will also include items culled from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum's "Discover Greatness: An Illustrated History of the Negro Baseball Leagues" exhibit, the balance of which will be on display at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which is partnering with the Hall of Fame to bring this traveling exhibit to Cincinnati. The Hall of Fame's exhibit is part of the Reds' season-long celebration of the June 19-21 Civil Rights Weekend which will be highlighted by the Civil Rights Game on June 20 against the Chicago White Sox.
I'm really excited about the Negro Leagues exhibit in Cincy - I've been curious about Negro Leagues baseball in the city. I know a little about the Clowns, but it is my understanding that Cincy couldn't keep a Negro Leagues team for very long and I'm wondering if that has to do with being a small city and not being able to profit from the teams or because of the racial problems associated with the city. Or both. If anyone knows anything about it, let me know. It would make an excellent topic for a book, that's for sure.

I can't wait to see these exhibits this year!

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