Thursday, January 29, 2009

The essence of nothing

There were a few minor occurrences in the Red org today that I could talk about. I like Stormy and I'm glad he's back, even if he's going to be slightly overpaid. I'm also glad the buyout for next year is only 400K. (I use the term "only" loosely.) He's an awesome guy and so unbelievably nice and down to earth that I will love him forever. I don't want Luis Gonzalez (as reported in a few outlets today) on the team unless he's paid league minimum as a bench player.

But frankly, neither of these two "stories" changes the situation (that being the Reds are going to STINK.) Bob Castellini can get as mad as he wants at us "non-believers," but frankly, you discard sound business policy as a small market team, and the criticism is warranted. But I'm glad he's angry. It's about time he gets angry about something. It may be too late, though. I'm almost beyond caring.

(But I'm not really. That's just the disappointment talking. I'll never stop caring.)

I've got a bit of writer's block right now, so I have nothing to say. But I did notice this thing today - in Ohio, people often ask for the "bill" at a restaurant instead of a "check." What's with that? Tres bizarre.

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