Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He put a curse on us once

A couple of Reds bits in SI this week:

Don Bouquot of Dayton writes in about the option of not receiving the annual swimsuit issue:
Since I am a Reds and Bengals fan, I wondered if you made the same offer regarding your MLB and NFL Preview issues?
And there's this bit about Pedro Borbon in the article "We Are the Chomp-ions."
1973 - After a Mets-Reds brawl Cincinnati reliever Pedro Borbon mistakenly picks up the cap of New York's Buzz Capra. When he realizes what he's wearing, Borbon takes a bite out of the bill and spits it onto the ground. And so begins a series of incidents that will earn Borbon the nickname Domincan Dracula. In a '74 fight he bites Pirates pitcher Daryl Patterson on the ear. Asked if Patterson should get a tetanus shot, Borbon says, "No, a rabies shot." Later in his career Borbon would be arrested for biting the chest of a Cincinnati disco bouncer and fined $200 for returning several pieces of rental furniture with teeth marks in them.

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