Friday, January 23, 2009

Just wanted to add...

In all of my pessimism about 2009, I have no problem with the Gomes signing and hope he has a killer year and wins the leftfielder job. But there are just too many ifs to be hopeful.

If Gomes can play as he is capable of playing.
If Dickerson/Gomes can be a productive platoon.
If Taveras can get on base.
If Hernandez stops being a lazy bum and hits like an All Star.
If Gonzalez returns to form.
If Cueto is more consistent.
If Volquez pitches like last year.
If Harang returns to form.
If Arroy can win 14 games.
If Cordero doesn't blow a bunch of saves.
If Edwin doesn't throw every ball away.
If BP can hit 30 homers again.
If Votto doesn't have a sophomore slump.
If Bruce hits better than last year.


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