Saturday, January 17, 2009

How on earth do you blow $400K in 6 months?

Debt Likely to Climb For Nationals' Dukes
The attorney representing Elijah Dukes said yesterday that the Washington Nationals' outfielder, currently facing a $40,643.18 debt and a one-week deadline to pay it, will be able to come up with the money and avoid jail time. But even that resolution amounts to little more than a quick fix for an ingrained problem, several people close to Dukes said this week.
Dukes has neglected to pay his $6,527 monthly child support since October because he hasn't had the money to do so. He blew it all during the season.

Ok, two questions here. First, what the heck did he spend all of his money on during the season? He doesn't own a house or a car! What did he expect to live on in the off season?

And second, why on earth does he have to pay more than $6000 a month for child support? You know, I'm going to have to side with the fathers on this one. What is preventing the mother from getting a job to help raise her kids? $6000 a month? Hell, that was six months worth of child rearing for my two sisters and I growing up with a single mother. Then, get this:
On Feb. 24, Dukes again will have to be present in court when several legal yarns are untangled. Lawyers representing NiShea Dukes want to increase the monthly child-support payment to account for the couple's third child, born after the divorce case began. Those lawyers also will argue that Elijah Dukes should pay the legal fees for his estranged wife, a sum that will exceed $30,000.
Ok, ok, first of all, she needs MORE money? Is she buying her kids golden shoes or something? Feeding them liquefied caviar in their bottles? Washing their hair in Alterna? Secondly, SHE is bringing the court case and wants HIM to pay her legal fees?

Look, I know there's the infamous tape of him threatening to kill his kids and all that (I'm not saying he isn't psycho), but I'm starting to wonder what the other side of the story is. Is she a psychobitch from hell? Remember, she told every one he took steroids but tests proved that to be untrue. She was arrested twice on battery charges. The whole tirade he went on with the killing thing was because she cleaned out his bank account. She asked for $28,000 a month in alimony and child support when his pay averaged just over $29,000 a month before the divorce. Public records of her greed are everywhere - she shouldn't be rewarded with more money. The judge should CUT her alimony payments come February 24.

I know Elijah Dukes is a first class jackass, was irresponsible in his spending, should probably be in an asylum, and appears to be a horrific deadbeat father, but there's a larger issue here that should not be overlooked. Our legal system is fubar.

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