Thursday, January 01, 2009

Under a Cin Reds sky, a crowd has gathered in black and red...

I woke up this morning feeling good, really good, as if the symbolic change of the calendar had done something to lift my spirits, as if the world had suddenly become different with a 9 instead of an 8. I made some coffee and flipped on the television because there was something I wanted to see, something that should have been on years ago - the new MLB Network. For half an hour, I sat watching clips of the great moments of the game, clips I have seen countless times but I could watch over and over and over again.

I may have to get cable when I get back to DC.

That means I have to get a TV.

Watching the MLB Network got me thinking - maybe this baseball season WON'T be so bad. I mean, I look at the things around me and see them falling into place this year - my team is running the world this year, U2 is putting out a new album March 2 and touring this summer, there's a channel that plays baseball 24/7, I've had four interviews in DC and may have a new job soon...maybe 2009 is my year, but if it is, it would have to include the Reds being competitive. Just yesterday I was lamenting my lack of optimism, but yesterday is soooo last year! Maybe the Reds will be alright. Maybe Willy T and R Hern will have outstanding seasons, Alex will have a career year, and Uncle Walt will get us a leftfielder before the flowers pop out.

The Reds pitching has the potential to be among the best in baseball. Sure, there are a lot of ifs - IF Harang can return to form, IF Bronson can win at least 14 games, IF Volquez pitches like he did last year, IF Cueto can improve upon last year and settle down now that he has a full season under his belt, IF Homer or Micah Owings or Daryl Thompson can step up and fill that fifth starter role (for once we don't have a retread veteran hasbeen/neverwas filling that role - if anything, that is something to look forward to). Then there's the pen. Last season, it wasn't bad. This season, with the addition of Rhodes and the finally getting rid of Majewski, it can be good, too, certainly good enough to carry a team through a season.

So Happy New Year to all, and let's try to throw our pessimism out with the 2008 garbage, because part of the fun of being a baseball fan is the hope - no matter how irrational - that THIS is the year. (I mean, look at Cubs fans. Happy 100, losers! Ha!)

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