Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's why he's a Sox fan...

WARNING: IF YOU'RE A CUBS FAN, THESE WORDS MIGHT BE TOO BIG FOR YOU TO READ. has an article about Dusty going to the Inauguration. Apparently, Dusty has met President Obama and even has his cell phone number. Hey, hey.

It got me thinking again about what the black players in baseball have gone through. Dusty was a rookie the year MLK was assassinated. He played with Hank and witnessed what Aaron had to go through as he was taken down Babe Ruth's record.

But we know all of this. Although the article is interesting, I found the comments by Cubs fans more interesting. It seems that Cubs fans are capable of nothing but complaining.
I thought this was a Cubs site. Who gives dam that Dustbag went to Washington along with the rest of the sheep. I come here to get NEWS about BASEBALL. Maybe this explains why the Cubs can't win. You need to focus on BASEBALL. The election was over in November.
So you weren't interested in the article? Don't read it. You had to make the effort to complain about it? And the Cubs can't win because publishes an article about Dusty Baker going to the Inauguration? Go Cubbies!
I come to this site to read Cub articles. Dusty baker is of no interest as he is now the manager of the Reds. As a Cub he made such comments as (white players cannot play in the heat of day games), so it makes since he would attend this inaugration. Dusty Baker is ignorant & a racist & it makes no sense to have his name headlining a page for Cub articles. This fan is interested in Cubs & Cubs only, not politics or the new president. :)
The smile after he accuses someone of racism is only appropriate for the level of intelligence of the average Cubs fan.

This guy might not be a Cubs fan, but he has the same mentality as the others:
I am very disappointed with This is a site about baseball. I am sick and tired about hearing, reading and seeing stuff about this inauguration all over the darn place. They did not do this for Bush or Clinton and that was correct. Also, this is the most expensive inaugural ever, 4 times more than Bush or Clinton (present day dollars). I was upset with how much those inaugurals cost, because this is democratic republic, this is not some socialist-Marxist-kingdom. The president is elected by the people to serve the people, not the other way around. So, for this new president to spend like this in an economical period such as this is is disgusting. I was hoping that the MLB would do the right thing and stay out of D.C.'s news cycle. Stop with the politics and get back to baseball.
They didn't write about Bush, except here, here, here, get the point. There really was no internet when Clinton was elected, at least, not like we know it now. I mean, seriously, you don't want to read the article? Don't read it. You're the one making it political with all of your socialism paranoia garbage. Oh, and spending money in a time of economic crisis is a GOOD thing. Ask the city of DC if they are upset that two million people came into town, filled every hotel room and restaurant seat, and employed hundreds of people to prepare for the event.

Ok, ok, I know that not every Cubs fan is dumb. But, well, they did throw 20 baseballs onto the field when Dunn hit one out of the park. They are drunk. They are obnoxious. And I do feel sorry for the pre-Bartman fans who don't act like complete morons and who do understand the game of baseball.

The article IS about baseball. I for one enjoyed the article, and I wouldn't put myself in the category of fan of Dusty Baker. Baseball is one small part of our society, and though it has played a big role in fueling the Civil Rights Movement, in the grand scheme of things, the game itself isn't all that important. I like how streamed the Inauguration. I like how MLB Network showed a documentary on the Negro Leagues. I like tying baseball into current events. I like being aware of the world around me.

Then again, I am not a Cubs fan.

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